Community. Food. Wellness.





Bob is a culinary, health and wellness, and operations professional with twenty years of food service experience with an expertise in management ranging across farm-to-table, plant-based, fine dining, and large scale food services. 

His personal food philosophy is straightforward: Cook locally, seasonally, and simply. He believes that a closer relationship with your food, including knowing the farmers who grow it, is not only meditative, but also promotes conscious consumption that spreads to other areas of life.

Currently, he consults with hospitality teams operating retreat centers, conference centers, camps, hotels, and restaurant groups who want to focus on building sustainable operation models, wellness programs, community engagement, and supporting the local economy.

He loves working with creative, team-oriented people in building an environment where the culture is socially conscious and the mission is in service to whole relationships.



Passion leads to great ideas.  Organized operations lead to great businesses.  Learn how operational systems can create a successful & sustainable business.



This is the combination of Revenue Management & Operations Management.  Learn how your purchasing can support your values as well as the bottom line.


Menu development

Menus are where you shine.  Learn how to put together honest, executable menus that are a reflection of your passion.



Revenue Management

Money IN vs Money OUT.  Find the right balance & flow.  Understand how you are spending money, where it's going, what it's doing, and how it serves you.


Staff Training & Management

Foster your staff into a community that shares and supports your vision.


Leadership & Communication Training

Every team needs a leader.  Help your management team thrive. Cultivate strengths, meet challenges, understand growth opportunities, and lead your team to long-term success. 

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Bob was our opening Chef at Rivertown. We found him to be responsible, kind, organized and caring. I have no doubt whatsoever he will be an asset to whatever projects or properties he takes on.
Over the ten months Bob Turner partnered with Happy Valley, he was completely authentic and productive. Bob stepped respectfully into our organization and began to produce incredible food and change the culture in the kitchen—and our Food Service—gently but deliberately. He led us through a process that examined every part of our operation. The outcomes of this are still being felt. From menu planning to appropriate labor models, inventory control to ordering, we now have an intergrated system that looks wholistically at our Food Service.

The food profile is clean and has led to a focused inventory that reduces the number of items we keep in stock and allow for streamlined inventories and fast ordering. Bob’s contribution to Happy Valley will be felt for years here. Our focus statement at Happy Valley is: Experience. Dynamic. Transformation and Bob has done that for us!



I listen.  I learn.  I advise.  In that order. I am not here to be an authority that tells you “the way you NEED to do things.” I am not here to sell you on bullshit buzzwords.  I recognize the circumstance of each unique operation and meet the client where they are and get them where they need to be. 

My goal is simple: help create an efficient operation that utilizes all resources available to create  the offering, community, and revenue that you envision.  With 20 years of food service expertise, I facilitate a collaborative process focused on discovery and solutions.